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Monday, 22 July 2013


It's just a short update here in my bloggie.
JUST HIGHGHTS ya. Opps, sorry.

It's the birthday of my baby dear, Xinyee!
We've known each other since High School.
7 years of friendship.
It was awesome to have her in my life.
Of crse, I'll never forget to celebrate for her :D

My big boy's birthday!
Though we dont get to celebrate together on the exact date as he went KL for an International Robotic Competition as a Volunteer Helpers.
So, of course I never forget to celebrate for him. Opps xD

MUET July Session.
Speaking Exam.
What are the important factors of a sportman.
A-Supports from family members
B-Train well in particular sports
C-Time management
D-Financial suports from sponsors

I'm candidate B, and I'm really speechless to see this!

Celebrated my baby boy's birthday with some of my plan.
Teehees. He loves it and it was awesome! :D

SEM 2's result is revealed!
Sad case. Expected to get at least some pointers in Econs & Geography
but ended up NONE again.
Pre U, Form6 is really hard.

MUET July Session Wrting Test
Reading-Cant finish it on time. Ended up crying alone at the staircase after the paper. Can't believe i really teardropped. Sigh~
Writing-Essay of part b was totally speechless.
Listening- Voice was too soft.
Conclusion, my band 4 is totally gone.
Wasted another RM101.
ANOTHER very sad case.

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