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Monday, 22 July 2013


It's just a short update here in my bloggie.
JUST HIGHGHTS ya. Opps, sorry.

It's the birthday of my baby dear, Xinyee!
We've known each other since High School.
7 years of friendship.
It was awesome to have her in my life.
Of crse, I'll never forget to celebrate for her :D

My big boy's birthday!
Though we dont get to celebrate together on the exact date as he went KL for an International Robotic Competition as a Volunteer Helpers.
So, of course I never forget to celebrate for him. Opps xD

MUET July Session.
Speaking Exam.
What are the important factors of a sportman.
A-Supports from family members
B-Train well in particular sports
C-Time management
D-Financial suports from sponsors

I'm candidate B, and I'm really speechless to see this!

Celebrated my baby boy's birthday with some of my plan.
Teehees. He loves it and it was awesome! :D

SEM 2's result is revealed!
Sad case. Expected to get at least some pointers in Econs & Geography
but ended up NONE again.
Pre U, Form6 is really hard.

MUET July Session Wrting Test
Reading-Cant finish it on time. Ended up crying alone at the staircase after the paper. Can't believe i really teardropped. Sigh~
Writing-Essay of part b was totally speechless.
Listening- Voice was too soft.
Conclusion, my band 4 is totally gone.
Wasted another RM101.
ANOTHER very sad case.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Middle of April ♥


Wee^^ I have got le teddy I've always wanted for so long! 
It's the A.E.I.O.U. Studio's Teddy Bear 
Super love it ^^
Thanks le boy for buying me this and we had a name for this teddy and its BBB =] 
BBB means our baby xD hehe
Opps!! Another date xD 
It's TGIF!!
Le boy fetched my after school and headed home with me and waited for me to bath.
Then we headed for our lunch and hung out at BP Mall.
As we were shopping, we stopped by a phone case's stall and we both ended up seeing this 'One Piece' characters cover and very luckily and coincidently, our both phones hae the same covers! Hehes :D
Super loving it and thanks lotsa again to BB. Love UU ^^ 

My every part of happiness comes from le boy. 

He's my everything ♥ ;
My love 
My life 
My Partner 
My Best Friend 
My supporter 
My back ups 
My spine 
My courage 

♥ and in our future, 
If God fulfil us. 
♥ We'll be husband & wife 
and by that time 
He'll be my.....
 ♥ H U B B Y 
and he will always be my..
 E V E R Y T H I N G 
♥ no matter what. 



Recently, Imma in the roller coaster mood.
I'm sometimes in HAPPINESS
Mostly I'm in PAIN & STRESS
Perhaps I'm DEPRESSED too.

Here it is, the storyline of my roller coaster mood.

I always own an advantage and also a disadvantage.
I care my every single close friend/best friend very badly.
Imma girl who will sacrifice and do whatever it takes to give my best to them.
But each and every single time, I ended up suffers in PAIN.
Perhaps, I should say it's always in PAIN.

I've always been thinking :
" Do I have the need to tell people around me about my mood and feelings?"
I always wonder.
I bloody do.

Sometimes, when people around you get to feel you are different is great though.
But, to think back, Is it really that great?

Let's ask myself.
My relationship.
Do I feel secured and satisfied with it.
Yes, I DO.
and its like

Well, if people around me whom are close to me, they know
THAT Le BOY & I are very well going or so call sweet.
I admit, WE DO.
We are really smooth going in our relationship.
We are sweet indeed.
*not trying to show arrogant but just to spit all my feelings out*

But, le Boy and I would get to be in this state today is due to our FATE, I strongly believe.
People can say, If its wasn't me, the both of them wouldn't be ended up like today.
Peopla can say too, If it's wasn't me letting them both, they wouldn't be like today.
Well, Rumour are still and always be Rumour.
I don't care whatever shit you would like to call it on me.
You can call me BITCH if you want to.

But, I strongly accuse.
I did not steal your freaking guy over.
there's nothing called, 'LET' or ‘退让’ in chinese.

So far, I've been in a relationship for twice.
I admit, both time, I could get to know my boyfriends is due to Friends.
But can you tell me, if its wouldn't friends?
How do we make more Friends?
I admit, my first & second boyfriend are the EX of my close friend.
First, was my longest known BFF/ Sister.
Second, which is the CURRENT one was once the EX of my Close Friend.
Here's something to my little sis,
Im really sorry for you. 
I really feel bad and guilty towards you.
But I'm really glad that our Friendship are still that strong after overcoming and facing major and various problems.
I highly and greatly thank you and apologize to u sincerely with my purest heart.
Love you still sis, if you don't, I won't blame u.
But I love you, I really do.

Now, as for my current one.
People may say Imma bitch.
I don't care cos I've not being doing anything wrong yet.
Hmm, perhaps a tiny little wrong in it.
But I own it my own.
I did not use any dirty tricks or whatsoever like other PRO Bitch will do. 
 I don't owe anyone.
When I got to be with him, that time we guys know things very well & clearly.
Don't we??

So if you can't put things down or another way of say being more matured,
I guess you'll never be happy.

There's more to say but, I don't know how to express out yet.

P/S : This post I don't have any bad intention towards anyone.
It's just I wanted to share my own feeling which had been kept in my heart for a long time out here in my very personal and own blog.
Hope none of you will gets misunderstands here.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Happiness ♥

It's a lovely week of April's 2nd week^^
What is the so call happiness?? ^^
HAPPINESS is when you get to spend your time together with your love ones and also helping each other in overcoming any difficulties or problems :) 


It's the last day for the Pre-U of TIGS to complete their PA's assignments. (The General Paper)
I did alot before this day, but le teacher ended up asking for different things from us which had made us all go hell wired and we have to rush all those within HOURS!!
Oh god. But I'm very lucky to have my boy here. ^^
He had his class till 11am only and I managed to call him to help me out!
He fetched me after school and brought me for lunch at Secret Recipe ^^
After filling our stomach full, we then headed home and start to rush le assignment!
It was 4 something when we reach my hommie and then about 5pm we started our engines and move things out!
Mom cooked some simply dishes when she got to know that le boy is staying here for dinner.
So, about 7 something we had our dinner together.
Then we proceed back to our work and ended up completed the whole assignment around 11pm+.
Poor le boy who had to drive back to his Uni home at that time. 
But thanks alot to him. If it wasn't him who helped, I'm definitely not gonna able to complete my assignment by that time!! 

Le faces of ours after the completed assignment ._. 


It's Thursday and I skipped school due to my self unwell condition.
But got better roughly in noons.
And le boy brought me to bookshop to buy the book that I wanted.
Though its just a short one but I cherished and enjoyed it very much.
Thanks lotsa again to le boy ^3^ 

Le boy and I in the car =] 


It's Friday!! 

As usual, le boy fetched me after school and we went for lunch together at Witchery Ider and then delivered me back home and we stay at home and sweet for a while and then we went for our tea time later at Secret Recipe again XD

After school at Witchery Ider for lunch ^^                           Tea time at Secret Recipe ^^


Its Saturday!!!!
Got up early morning at 6am just to make up for this little monster.
Fetched her and mom to her school around 6 something and then followed her teacher's car to her competition venue at Sin Hwa Primary School.
For your information, she participated in the SJK(c) English Carnival of BP District Level in Action Song's Component held by the Ministry of Education.
It was a busy day for me and le mom.
We companied her all the time till the carnival ends.
It was after 1pm and the results has been annouced!!
GUESS WHAT!??! Her team got CHAMPION for the Action Song Component!!
Congratz to the little girls ^^
Her OOTD for the competition.

 Le little girls who are all so happy to get Champion :)

After that around 4pm I got to hang out with le boy.
Went to his favo hairdressing shop at Taman Maju ( ART CREATION) and waited for him to have his haircut.
Then we headed to Square1 mall for a movie at 6pm. (G.I.JOE)
and then we went to PC fair and buy something and then we left there.
We then went to B&S Boutique Hotel's Boutique Cafe to have our dinner ^^
The cafe was very nice and colourful and I love that hotel very much ^^
After dinner we headed home and stayed up at my hommie's peak floor and had some chats till 11.30pm.
It was a tiring and happy saturday with him ^^
Again, thanks lotsa bb^^


It's April's Valentine's aka Black Valentine's.
Edited a pic for le boy and posted in Instagram for him.
Thanks le boy for everything and I love you lotsa^^
Glad to have u in my life^^
Saranghaeyo ^3^

Le pic that I edited for le boy with our rings craved with JKWZ
♥ Fyi, JKWZ=JianKaiWeiZhen ^^♥ #endlesslove #coupleRings 

In short, really thanks alot to le boy for bringing and fetching me here and there.
We almost meet every day in this week.
Really thanks lotsa b.
Having you in my life made me know what's HAPPINESS really is.
Really appreciates every single thing u do for me.
Glad to have you and love ya lotsa bb^3^
Aishiteru BB 

Dear readers, that's all for today.
Will update soon.
Stay tuned yea.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

End of March and Begginning of April =]


Its almost the end of March.
It's my dear Ah Neo's Bday on the 30th.
But then we had a Pre-Brithday celebration for her a day earlier at Witchery Ider, Bus stand.
It was a surprise for her.
But then never expected those outcomes from her!
OMG. I surprised her with a cake without her knowing I'll be there with them.
I brought the cake in and then sang the birthday song together with other mates.
But then she was like she was never surprised at all!
OMG! But it's allright at least she still love the present and the cake that we gave it to her XD

May your dreams come true and all the best in upcoming future!! 
Love you you and thanks for everything lah ^^ 

Le brithday girl & I =] 

It is the same day, but its at night that I had le gathering with le beloved members of mine. ^^
We went to Harbour steamboat for our dinner together and then we headed to Funfair for chilling.
It was absolutely happy to get to see such many Stitch pluggies there.
Immediately I told le boy about those Stitch! HAHA!
Well, he did tried to get me that but then he failed to and ended up getting a Hello Kitty Key-Chain and a Snake's Ladder's chess game. LOL.
What a noob price from those stalls = =

After that le girls took photos!
So i was immersed into them!
HAHA! Photo bomb and cam whoring! XD 
As we took photos le boy have gone missing!
We were wondering where was he?
But then he suddenly appear in front of me and gave me another Pooh's keychain!
LMAO! haha. another keychain!
But then suddenly, he came out with a Stitch pluggie at such sudden in front of me! 
He finally got it! He really got it!! 
OMG!! Love you lotsa bb!  
You are the best ^3^ 

And so then after that we all went to Wallpaper Cafe for yumcha :D 
And then Dodo & I got to meet a long lost contacted guys' friends and got to bring them out for some drinks and chit chat. :) 

My OOTD ^^

The girls in le funfair :)

The Stitch pluggie that le boy got me ^^

It's April!!! :)
Aloha April Sayonara March!!


What happened?! It's April Fool.
Aha.. anyone got tricked that day?? xD
Well, I did ==
By le sis's boy in Facebook Private Message and I'm being fooled like an idiot for times==
Other than than nothing much happened though.

Oh ya, here something :) 
It's le monthsary of me and le boy ^^ 
Love you you ^3^ 

 ♥ I LOVE YOU, BB ♥ 


It's finally the day that we got our Student Matric Card!!
Then le classmates decided to go for steamboat while we had our Student card's discount!

 Our food and steamboat looking xD


It's the day!
The day that we all went to Senggarang school for our Bengkel Lukis Seni Visual 
It was quite a boring talk but at least we still enjoy ourselves among us! haha xD

 Le Betty & I in the bus =]   

Le me in my complete school uniform in the bus =]


Wow! Nice date huh xD
Anyway it's my longest buddy's birthday!!
And she is le ERENE!!
But too bad she and I are both too busy to get out.
So we don't get to meet and celebrate yet.
But I never forget on sending her text and wishing her.
We did mentioned in our text that we will meet someday when we both are free.
Hope to see her soon!
Miss her sooooo much!!! >3<

Next on will be my date with the 2nd dos of HPV injections!
As usual, went with le classmates together for this injection.
People said first dos is the most painful.
People do said second dos is the most painful.
People also said third dos is the most painful too.

WTH!! Which one should I listen to huh??
Of crse i listen to no one cos everybody is different =]

The 1st dos that I've taken was on the 28.2.2012 after the cross country competition.
What was my outcome? It's very unbelieveable actually!
It's the first time ever that I fainted after the injection.
Gosh@@ Scared die all the people around me!
But am touched enough to see ho caring they are to me
Thanks lotsa to all ^^

Well, then comes the 2nd dos.
I almost fainted but I didn't faint!!
Le classmates just claimed that my lips had gone real white and the whole body temperature of mine had gone up and eventually I was sweating with cold sweats!
I can feel myself very weak and harden that time.

But then I'm still managed to overcome it =]
Thanks to those nurses and classmates for the help and concern =]

The 3rd dos will be on the 29.08.2013.
I have my own prediction!
I predict that I would either faint n the worst case or belong to the same condition as I was in the 2nd dos!
Finger crossed anyway!

 Le face of mine after the injection. I know i looked weak right! >.<

That's all for today!
Stay tuned, readers and adios ^^